Mortgage Broker & Mentor

I arrange customized financing and mortgages & help other mortgage brokers do the same

Broker & Mentor

Helping others bring happiness to both. It is that simple.

Director at MBABC

The Mortgage Broker Association of BC allows me to dedicate time to the Mortgage Broker Industry

Board of Directors MBABC

I have always been helped by others, it is my turn to do the same!

Husband, Dad, Soccer Fan

My life is about my wife, my kids, my parents, soccer, traveling, reading, enjoying life

What I do when not working?

For me it is all about the family, enjoying life, exercising, reading, traveling and of course Soccer!
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Avoid conflicts of interest…

Very seldom the issue of Conflict of Interest is discussed at a branch. The mortgage representative at the financial institution even though they have your interest in mind, cannot represent other lenders.  Even if they know there is a better mortgage for you at a competing institution, they cannot disclose it to you.  Hence the conflict. Mortgage Brokers do not have this conflict! Great Questions to think about:

  • Do you want to receive advice from a representative that only knows 1 institution?
  • If your branch representative would know a better financing for you from another institution, would they let you know?
  • Do you want options all from the same financial institution or from different lenders?
  • You get the point ! =)

Hola, I am Camilo, Thanks for visiting my website!

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